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Les Sculpteurs du Lac
Designer - Manufacturer

Loyalty program

Loyalty & Sponsorship Program (from May 1, 2021)

Loyalty Program:
The amount of your orders is automatically recorded in your account
After 6 purchases you can benefit from a 10% discount calculated on the total of your purchases (returns are deducted from this amount)
This discount will be applied on your 7th purchase

Sponsor your friends!!!:
The sponsorship enable a customer holding a “Sculpteurs du Lac” loyalty card (The godfather) to benefit from a discount of €10 each time he will sponsor a new customer (The godchild)
The 10€ discount will be usable by the godfather as soon as his godson has placed and paid his first order

The godchild, on his first purchase, will therefore become a member of our loyalty program in turn and will be able to sponsor new godchildren.