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Les Sculpteurs du Lac
Designer - Manufacturer


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Partner stores in France :


COSY MAISON - Saillagouse (pyrénées)


Reseller of the brand Les Sculpteurs du Lac[/ color][/ b] since 2004, you will find an excellent choice. Their selection is of quality, the original products and for an authentic decoration mountain traditional or modern.

Martine and Nicolas will welcome you to Saillagouse[/ b] in the heart of the French Catalan Pyrenees. Recently, they have also opened a new shop called Cosy Maison[/ color] on the side of BARCELONA in Spain . A cozy and welcoming space, at 104 Ronda Del General Miltre where Benjamin (there son) will be happy to welcome you.

Cerdagne meubles, 2 rue Isard - ZA du Sègre, 66800 Saillagouse - France
Cosy Maison, 104 Ronda Del General Miltre, BARCELONE, Espagne
+33 (0)4 68 04 72 30

LE COIN MONTAGNE - Serre-chevalier


Reseller of the Les Sculpteurs du Lac brand since 2004, Le Coin Montagne has become a must-have store in mountain decoration. You will find a wide selection of quality, products and a sevice of exception.

Marie, Jean, Nicolas and all their team will welcome you to Salle-les-Alpes near the famous station of Luc Alphan Serre-chevalier.

20 route de Briançon - 05240 La Salle Les Alpes - France
+33 (0)4 92 24 73 26

La Meublerie du bois de l'Ours - Les Rousses


1282 Route Blanche, 39220 LES ROUSSES
+33(0)3 84 60 57 28

Please Choose the country of the shop you are looking for: Partner stores in France : Partner stores in Switzerland : Partner stores in Italie :

Partner stores in Switzerland :


Air de Montagne - Sion

(valais suisse)

Reseller of the Les Sculpteurs Du Lac brand since 2008, Air de Montagne is on the road to the famous Haute Nendaz ski resort at the exit of Sion.

Emmanuelle, Régine et Fabienne are at your disposal to welcome you in their beautiful shop which offers a wide choice of furniture for the development of chalets, as well as contemporary furniture. The shop has an exhibition space of mountain and contemporary decoration.

Route de Nendaz 2, 1950 Sion

Marti Schlunegger - Grindelwald

(Canton of Bern)

You will be welcome in this charming shop in the heart of a mountain village in the Bernese Alps.

Grindelwald is a gateway to the Jungfrau region, where you can ski in the winter and hike in the summer.
The view is breathtaking!

Marti offers a wide selection of decorative items, frames, candles, cushions, lamps, stools, furniture ...
It offers a wide range of tools and building materials, have a tailor-made offer with engraving and carving of bells + necklace, ready to use.

Dorfstrasse 164, 3818 Grindelwald
+41 (0)33 8 53 41 68


Immerse yourself in the world of EDELWIIS and fill the house of your dreams in a cottage and country house style.

If you plan the interior design of your cottage, your holiday home or countryside, ...
Erin and Lauren Juon will be happy to help you. You will enjoy the experience of two sisters who grew up in a family carpentry business in the canton of Graubünden. They are almost born in the carpentry workshop that founded the basis of their passion and fascination for interior design.

Their professionalism is of quality, they work with taste for a refined decoration and upscale.

You can order custom wood furniture with a traditional and modern design such as tables, chairs, benches, cupboards, dressers, buffets, beds, secretaries ... But you can also select sofas, armchairs, high quality textiles such as curtains, cushions, blankets, plaids as well as plenty of selected accessories.

Forchstrasse 127, 8032 Zürich
+41 (0)44 420 01 02

PINE CONE - Klösters Davos

(canton of Grisons)

Kristina will be happy to welcome you to her cosy Klosters shop. Pine Cone has become a benchmark for interior design in the canton of Graubünden.

There are many decorative items, paintings, chairs, mirrors, skins, carved bears, trophies, light fixtures, dishes, armchairs, stools, picture frames, utensils for fireplace...

The surroundings:
Davos is a ski resort that has a historic conference center and hosts the annual World Economic Forum. The area is very pleasant summer and winter, it is possible to practice swimming and sailing on the lake, as well as hiking and mountain biking.

The Bernina Express train runs a scenic route from Chur to Arosa Ski Resort, Davos / Klosters and St Moritz / Pontrésina. He continues his way to Italy crossing the high pass of Bernina to finish his way to the city of Tirano.

Bahnhofstrasse 16, 7250 Klosters-Serneus, Suisse
+41 81 420 28 50